Tungsten Manufacturing Operations

Tungsten Manufacturing Operations

Tungsten Manufacturing Operations

Requirements to Produce our Quality Certified Tungsten Products; tungsten ball, tungsten, sphere, tungsten cube are:

  • People:    Metallurgical, Mechanical, Chemical, and Industrial Engineering staff coupled with Technical Operators and Machinists.
  • Equipment:    Customized. High-Tech Machinery and Systems.
  • Processes:    Fully Integrated Chemical, Mechanical and Industrial Manufacturing Processes.
Tungsten Balls-Spheres-Cubes

Incoming Powder Receiving & Testing

Fette-Powder Compacting





Tungsten Powder Receiving & Testing
Fette-Powder Compacting
Tungsten Powder De-Binding
Tungsten Powder Sintering
Tungsten Powder Tumbling
Tungsten Powder Annealing




Sizing-Roller Meter

Quality Testing


Tungsten Powder Sorting
Tungsten Powder Grinding
Tungsten Powder Cleaning-Washing
Sizing-Roller Meter
Tungsten Powder Manufacturing and Quality Testing
Tungsten Powder Shipping

Powder Metallurgy & Pressing Systems

Tungsten Powder Testing
Powder Metallurgy & Pressing Systems
Fette Video
  • Verified for composition, density, flowability and size
  • Once approved by our Quality Lab, the powders are pressed into a variety of shape, held together with a proprietary binder
  • The pressed parts are then heated in a series of high temperature, thermal processing steps. These heat treatments convert the powder compacts into solid fragments of tungsten heavy alloy
  • Product finishing often includes grinding to size, producing perfectly shaped spheres and cubes

Thermal Processing


Tungsten Powder Debinding

Liquid-Phase Sintering

Liquid-Phase Sintering

Vacuum Annealing

Vacuum Annealing

Three Separate Heat Treatment Processes Required to Produce High-Density Tungsten Alloy Products:

  1. Debinding
  2. Liquid-Phase Sintering
  3. Vacuum Annealing

Tumbling, Sorting & Grinding

Tungsten Powder Tumbling
Tungsten Powder Sorting
Tungsten Powder Grinding
  • The steps to produce uniform and extremely precise fragments is no small feat!
  • Creative solutions to seemingly simple problems often lead to new innovations
  • Largest grinding facility is the largest in the United States

Cleaning, Sizing & Verification Inspection

Tungsten Powder Cleaning
Verification Inspection

Our metallurgical process begins with raw materials, a blend of tungsten and other metal powders


  • Delivering clean, precision products is critical to our Quality Commitments
  • Ensuring compliance with our customer specifications involves no less than seven steps in the verification Process
  • Inspecting products takes time and extreme attention to details