Tungsten Balls

Tungsten Balls


Made in US

1. For small size balls, the price is per pound; for larger size balls, the price is per piece
2. No minimum order quantity for all balls made in China; No minimum order quantity for 2.79mm and 5.59mm made in USA, other balls made in USA request minimum 50 Lbs.

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    TB-1.0mm, TB-1.5mm, TB-2.0mm (#9), TB-2.03mm, TB-2.29mm (#8), TB-2.5mm, TB-2.65mm, TB-2.79mm (#6), TB-3.0mm, TB-3.24mm, TB-3.30mm (#4), TB-3.8mm, TB-4.0mm, TB-4.32mm, TB-4.57mm (#BB), TB-4.79mm, TB-5.0mm, TB-5.59mm (#F), TB-6.0mm, TB-7.51mm, TB-7.87mm, TB-8.0mm, TB-8.0mm with band, TB-8.13mm, TB-10mm, LTB-12.7mm (.50''), LTB-25.4mm (1''), LTB-34.925mm (1.375''), LTB-50.8mm (2''), LTB-63.5mm (2.5''), LTB-69.85mm (2.75''), LTB-76.2mm (3''), LTB-101.6mm (4''), LTB-127mm (5''), TC-1.94mm, TC-2.39mm, TC-2.65mm, TC-2.87mm, TC-3.0mm, TC-3.1mm, TC-3.33mm, TC-3.74mm, TC-4.0mm, TC-4.37mm, TC-4.84mm, TC-5.0mm, TC-5.13mm, TC-5.5mm, TC-6.0mm, TC-7.0mm, TC-8.0mm, TC-10.0mm


    Class 2, Class 3