Shot Gun Shots

Shot Gun Shots


Tungsten Shot Gun Shots, the perfect ammunition for every hunting enthusiast. Made in the USA with the highest quality standards, these tungsten shots deliver unmatched performance and precision, making them a favorite for hunters across the country.

Crafted from high-density tungsten, these shots offer superior performance to traditional lead shots. Their high density ensures a deep penetration and stable flight, allowing for high-impact shots and quick, humane kills.

The durability and resistance to deformation of tungsten shots are especially relevant during repeated firing. Unlike lead, they won't deform during the shot, which increases both their accuracy and lifespan.

Furthermore, these tungsten shots meet non-toxic regulations making them an environmentally-friendly option. And unlike steel shots, they allow for tighter chokes, bringing the shooter closer to the target and delivering a cleaner, ethical shot.

The Tungsten Shot Gun Shots are meticulously crafted to ensure optimal performance in any hunting scenario. Their superior accuracy and deep penetration guarantee a successful hunt every time.

Invest in the Tungsten Shot Gun Shots today, and experience the difference that top-quality, American-made ammunition can make. Say goodbye to missed targets and hello to the game in your freezer. Choose Tungsten Shot Gun Shots for a successful, ethical, and sustainable hunting experience!

1. For small size balls, the price is per pound; for larger size balls, the price is per piece
2. No minimum order quantity for all balls made in China; No minimum order quantity for 2.79mm and 5.59mm made in USA, other balls made in USA request minimum 50 Lbs.

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