Investor Relations

Company Overview

Industry:  Manufacturing

Dunn & Bradstreet:   D-U-N-S #01-479-6059


1) North Plant Laramie, WY

2) West Plant Laramie, WY

3) Machine Shop Laramie, WY

4) Soon other Manufacturing Facilities in Phoenix, AZ, Dallas, TX, and Miami, FL


    • 110

Annual Sales:

    • $ 37 Million

Secured Backlog:

    • $ 25 Million

Founded: 2016

Ownership: Privately owned


Potential New Investors:  Have to Comply with US Gov. State, Federal, and DOD FAR regulations and be compliant with Export and ITAR regulation and approved by the US Gov.


Company Highlights:

  • Extensive lines of standard and custom Tungsten Heavy Metal Products
  • World’s largest supplier of high-technology military fragments
  • Positioned for favorable defense spending increase
  • S.-based manufacturing facilities with capacity for expansion
  • Requisite U.S. government registrations and certifications
  • Healthy sales backlog with many identified growth opportunities
  • New strategic supplier relationships under development


Competitive Advantage:

  • Global leader in high-performance tungsten refractory metal product manufacturing and machining services.
  • ISO 9001-certified U.S.-based facilities that fabricate to customers’ most exacting specifications. Pistol’s
  • Deep and diverse customer base ( Fortune 100 and US Government), technical expertise and superior engineering abilities.
  • The Company’s personnel possess over 90 years of collective experience with tungsten alloys, coupled with expertise and cutting-edge technology to produce standard commodities off the shelf as well as unique, made to drawings products for its customers.
  • The Company has leveraged two decades of operating experience to establishing itself as a recognized brand of choice for high-density tungsten products and customized sub-assemblies and engineering services for defense, research, medical devices, industrials and sporting goods. It can manufacture products to most specified material, density, shape, surface finish, dimension or tolerance, and with its Quality Control Processes, it prides itself on a track record of zero defects while manufacturing large volumes of specialized tungsten fragments.
  • The Company’s name is well-regarded in the industry for combining best-in-class products, competitive prices, fast deliveries and outstanding customer service.
  • Continuously works to advance its products, solutions and services through new product introductions and product redesigns to ensure that processes yield the material properties required for existing and emerging applications.
  • With its unique knowledge of tungsten and metallurgy processes, the Company is also among the world’s select few suppliers of high-density tungsten powder, which serves as an ideal additive to various polymers for use in both counter-weighting and radiation shielding applications.
  • The Company sells to top commercial defense contractors, the U.S. Army, government research and national labs, numerous aerospace and industrial corporations and many other large and medium corporations. The Company has the ability to manufacture products in the U.S. or offshore.


Products’ Offerings:

  • The world’s largest supplier of military high-technology fragments, providing heavy metal tungsten alloy components shaped as balls, spheres, cubes, cylinders and hexagons along with other specialized fragments.
  • These fragments and other tungsten products are used in rockets, missiles, various weapon system warheads, buffer assemblies and specialized bullets, including penetrators and tank ammunition kinetic penetrators.
  • These customers demand high quality, timely delivery and competitive and stable prices, often fixed for years into the future.
  • Scalable platform with opportunities for efficiency gains: Since opening its new domestic manufacturing plant in 2016, we have been able to relocate much of its production of tungsten fragments and penetrators. This has enabled the Company to offer American-made components at a time when potential conflict with China has placed a premium on U.S.-based manufacturing, particularly in the defense sector.
  • Upon recently completing a further expansion of the plant, the Company now possesses a fully developed, state-of-the-art, ISO 9001:2015-certified facility with enhanced capacity for all tungsten and warhead production.
  • Its manufacturing facilities uses state-of-the-art machinery and equipment.
  • It has diverse product lines and customers. While many different types of tungsten fragments comprise the vast majority of production, the Company has been actively expanding into other product lines, such as;  Over-molding, Tungsten bucking bars, with over 50 standard models and hundreds of customized offerings.
  • It has an-online shopping catalogue with recurring customers purchasing components for the energy, medical, research, sporting goods, aerospace, aviation and other industrial engineering sectors.


Market Outlook:

  • Well-positioned to capitalize on favorable defense spending outlook: Heightened global security threats, recovery in U.S. defense budgets, and higher military expenditures are likely to continue driving defense spending.
  • Near-term U.S. budgetary backdrop remains robust
  • The DoD is also demonstrating a strong commitment to military weapons development, with nearly $21 billion dedicated to Missiles and Munitions spending alone.
  • As security threats continue to rise across the globe, defense spending growth is projected to continue over the next five years. The focus of modern artillery on stronger and more destructive equipment is increasing demand for high-density materials, such as tungsten, in order to enhance terminal ballistics.
  • With years of experience and expertise, as well as NATO approval, we are a preferred supplier for the U.S. military, and the market leader in providing high-density military fragments.
  • Abundant expansion opportunities: The advantage of tungsten is that it can be used in countless applications across a myriad of industries due to the sheer number of its benefits. As a result of its sophisticated tungsten metal and heavy alloy engineering and manufacturing capabilities. We are actively working to develop new products for customers on the forefront of new market applications. The size and complexity of these new applications is continuously evolving, expanding and growing as manufacturers assess plans to advance their own products through innovation.
  • Experienced management team and employee base: Members of the Company’s operations team bring significant experience and an impressive track record in engineering and manufacturing, sophisticated products, managing fast-growing companies, and executing value-creation strategies.